August 1, 2018

General Airframe Support just expanded into Arizona and acquired 5 acres of property  for parking and reclamation services, at the Pinal Air Park.  We also just purchased three Boeing 757's and two 767's for part out in Marana.

December 6, 2017

Phew. What a bunch of work!

Totally worth it, though. We have a 150,000 square foot warehouse on Main street and 12,500 square foot hanger at Roswell International Air Center where we also have access to 6000 acres of parking, 200 of which are paved....

May 30, 2017

No lie, we've been keeping super busy around here. In spite of our efforts to not grow too fast, it's happening anyway as we steadily acquire additional airframes, parts inventories, and expand our services. So rather than fight it, we're proud to announce we're breaki...

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