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General Airframe Support consists of three locations.

1. The first location is our Corporate Office/Warehouse that consists of 150,000 square feet Warehouse and 3,125 square feet office located in Roswell, NM.

2. Second location consist of 12,500 square foot Hangar with 5,029 acres of parking located at (ROW) Roswell International Air Center.

3. Third location consist of a 15 acre footprint at (MZJ) Pinal Airpark in Marana AZ.

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Our Warehouse plays a crucial role for our company in our industry. It serves as central hub for our teardown, facilitating the storage, management, and distribution of restored aircraft parts while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Hangar plays a vital role in supporting the teardown activities as well as other aircraft services such as RTS and OEM storage/preservation for airframes and engines. The 12,500 sq' facility provides storage, workspace, environmental control, safety compliance, logistical support, and regulatory adherence.

Hangar 4.jpg

Our Aircraft facility provides a comprehensive infrastructure that supports numerous processes of dismantling retired aircraft, OEM storage preservation and RTS. From storage and workspace to environmental controls, safety compliance, logistics management, and regulatory adherence, this facility is essential for efficiently and safely conducting aircraft service operations.

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